Is waste to energy a good idea ?

waste-to-energy-wall-street-journalThere is a lot of buzz going on about waste to energy as many cities are thinking about it. Meanwhile, a CleanTechies’ member started a most interesting series on the matter and one of my follower on Twitter wonders if it should be supported.

Personally I think we should reduce, reuse and recycle first – and compost as well, of course. But what of the remaining stuff ? Can we just put it in landfills or should we burn it in the cleanest way possible to answer our energy needs ?

The answer is not that evident as older waste to energy technologies were heavily polluting and as greenhouse gases emissions are still a problem.

According to Wikipedia who is quoting the ISWA, “ there are 431 WtE plants in Europe (2005) and 89 in the United States (2004)

To learn out more please check out the Wikipedia page.

If you are interested in this sector’s news, please check out the Alternative Energy News’ page dedicated to the subject.

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