More evidence on climate change acceleration

Climate change, aka global warmingAs many nations are gathering in Italy to decide of what efforts they will put in climate change mitigation, I thought it would be interesting to present you with a UNEP study showing that climate change is accelerating.

According to the Agence France Presse quoting the United Nations Environment Program paper : ” The world faces a growing risk of “abrupt and irreversible climatic shifts” as fallout from global warming hits faster than expected “

Even if I couldn’t find the full report, I believe the press release gives enough data to push our elected representatives to committing our countries into drastic and fast action.

5 thoughts on “More evidence on climate change acceleration”

  1. It’s weird. They issue a 36-page report and none of us can find it.

    With my Google-fu I thought I could find anything on the Internet, but not this time…

    Thanks for the report. It indeed fits perfectly the topic ! 🙂

  2. The official site for the report is . The link Kiashu provided is actually the same report. The file size is different but the number of pages is equal (39). Probably different level of image compression.

    How did I find it? I searched for “brussel rasmussen report climate change” on Google, putting in “brussel” and “rasmussen” because the report would be presented to Danish Prime Minister Rasmussen in Brussel (mentioned in the AFP article). This brought up this press release with a reference to the website where the report could be downloaded:

  3. Many thanks Meryn for coming back here and giving us the “good” study.

    I am impressed by your Google-fu, or at least you tried harder than we did, and succeeded where I had failed.

    See you soon ! 😉

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