Worth an article: my May 2009 tweets

Since I don’t have much time to blog, I restrain myself to publishing here around 25 articles per month. However, many more great news are worth reading and blogging about.

My goal being to provide you with the latest headlines and best researches on sustainable development, climate change and the world energy sector , I had to find a solution.

This came with my use of Twitter and this month was particularly intense in news and articles worth spreading. Below are the best and most interesting.


  • on @TreeHugger: Obama’s first 100 days were great for the environment, here is what he should do for the next 100: http://is.gd/vUfQ

Climate change

  • US Emission Reduction Efforts Inadequate: IPCC Chair and Lord Stern Play Good Cop-Bad Cop http://is.gd/zBMk
  • on @TreeHugger: Canada Could Join Forces with US for Multinational Cap and Trade http://is.gd/EQwn Great news. Hope they will too act big !

Sustainable development

  • Sur les Echos: Les consommateurs de la planète plus attentifs à l’environnement http://is.gd/zBMH


  • China to have 100 GW wind power energy capacity by 2020 http://is.gd/wASO Now that makes a loot of wind turbines !
  • The tweet on China is EXACTLY an exemplification of my article on why cleantech is the new arms race. http://is.gd/soF8
  • Cap and trade would SAVE money to US households and cut the country’s GHG emissions by 56% by 2030. http://is.gd/wIl5. Please RT !
  • Seems very interesting: Solar in the Developed and Developing World http://is.gd/x3vJ
  • Can the US double the amount of their nuclear plants ? Sen. Alexander Pushes For $700B For Nuclear Reactors http://is.gd/Iea1
  • on Reuters: Australia to build world’s largest solar (PV) energy plant http://is.gd/B1ic 1GW for 1 billion USD. The arms race continues ! 🙂
  • on TreeHugger: Bio-Electricity Far More Efficient For Transportation Than Biofuels… Better Greenhouse Gas Reduction Too http://is.gd/xQ1C
  • Meanwhile in China: China’s new faith in solar energy projects is hailed by environmentalists as a milestone http://is.gd/JPod
  • On grist: How to shut down 93% of coal without building new plants or reducing power supply http://is.gd/Jq7c Can the US do it quickly pls ?

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