Solar PV to provide 300 MW to France by 2011

Last week Jean-Louis Borloo, the French energy and environment Minister, launched a plan that will quadruple the amount of electricity provided by solar photovoltaïc in order to reach 300 MW by 2011.

This is great news as investing 1.5 billion euros ($2 billion) in solar PV is the right move for France to enable local energy companies to diversify even more in this promising industry.

But to my opinion, we should also invest in energy efficiency and in solar thermal as we dramatically lag behind other countries like Germany.  Both solutions would enable us to mitigate climate change.

2 thoughts on “Solar PV to provide 300 MW to France by 2011”

  1. Good to hear this. As far as i know France is pretty clean as far as producing energy using nuclear power so this will only make things even better. I hope that other countries can try and compete and get other nations to join in.

  2. Hello Aix and thanks for your comment ! 🙂

    French electricity is indeed much cleaner than in many countries as it comes from 80 percent nuclear and 10 percent hydro.

    I do hope like you that other countries will go for clean and low carbon electricity.

    Stay tuned !

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