How to say goodbye to bottled water

brita-water-filterLast month I did a step further towards sustainability by saying goodbye to bottled water as I bought a Brita water filter. I could have went straight to tap water but concerns over the plumbing of our old house prevented me to do so.

Doing so enables to avoid massive oil consumption for both the plastic bottle and the transport. It also brings substantial savings as it costs less than 1.5€ per week to drink filtered water.

Water filters bring all these advantages. So buy one and start saving money right away. For more reasons to do so, please check out 7 Reasons Not to Drink Bottled Water at Verda Vivo.

2 thoughts on “How to say goodbye to bottled water”

  1. I’m so glad you started using a water filter for your water instead of bottled water! I hope the rest of your family follows suit as well. And thank you for the link back to my post! ~ Daryl

  2. oh, well they did follow suit. My dad was tired of brining home bottles of water.

    Many thanks for your comment, and you’re welcome for the link back. Each time I can, I do it.

    Enjoy your Sunday! Here it’s sunny. Read 3 hours in the garden. 😀

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