My answer to climate change deniers

no-evil-deniersYesterday  I had my first visit and comment from a climate change denier. This means that this blog is becoming bigger. I am also happy as this leads to exchanging ideas.

I left a quite lengthy reply but think this deserves to be much bigger. You will find in today’s article what I will now answer to each climate change denier leaving a comment on this blog.

If you don’t believe in climate change here are some facts that will enable you to perhaps change your mind. If you do, this still might interest you.

Now, please consider the following:

  • The 31,000 ” scientists ” who don’t believe in climate change are whether paid by Big Oil and Big Coal to say or may even be no real scientists specialized in climate  ;
  • The huge majority of climate specialists believe climate change is occurring. The leading authority on weather and climate believe this to be true. Indeed, the IPCC’s latest findings corroborate climate change.
  • Even if temperatures decreased in some parts of the world for some time, it doesn’t mean the average temperature over the world is increasing. It does increase, and this even if we had -15°C last week in France or whatever. Weather forecasts and climate are totally different. See why here.
  • Even if there is no such thing than climate change / global warming / whatever the name you are willing to give it,  we still have to work on energy efficiency and renewable energies.

Because it will save us money in the long run and thus represents an investment. Energy efficiency and conservation are the single best way to avoid future energy scarcity;

– Investments in these areas will create millions of jobs worldwide. A recent United Nations report estimated 20 millions jobs could be created around the world.

– Being  less dependent from fossil fuels will allow us to encounter less problems as their productions peak. Even if we are not sure when this will occur, it will someday. And  this day the prices will skyrocket.

– Burning less of these fuels will clean our air and water. Worldwide, millions of people suffer from illnesses linked to air and water pollution and some is linked to our oil and coal consumption.

This could go on and on. If like me you believe climate change is occuring, what would be your personal answers to deniers ? I look forward to reading your comments.

For further reading, please check out the article by No Impact Man on this very topic.

2 thoughts on “My answer to climate change deniers”

  1. I respond with,

    “Aha, that argument is currently the X most popular denialist argument. The refutation is this [copy and paste text from here. In fact, that’s a very useful site for a denialist, since once you’re aware of the refutation of your arguments, you can refine them. Or perhaps you could even use your scientific genius to be original and come up with a new argument?”

  2. Am I glad to see you back here Kiashu ! 🙂

    This site is excellent. Many thanks for that and most interesting comment (as always).

    I hope to read you soon, meanwhile, enjoy !

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