Towards sustainability, a series of lifestyle tips

towards-sustainability2009 is due to be in many countries a recession year. This makes it the perfect occasion to embrace the tenets of sustainable development and consume less energy, water and so on.

This will save you money,  preserve our environment and make you live a fitter life. A bright prospect called Towards sustainability,  it is the title of the series of articles I will publish in 2009.

Each month you will find tips on a specific topic such as heating, water, transport… If that sounds exciting, please feel free to subscribe to read these articles.

By subscribing you will also be able to read about the latest headlines and best researches on sustainable development, climate change and the world energy sector.

6 thoughts on “Towards sustainability, a series of lifestyle tips”

  1. Pfft. I already did that. Nine points, do all nine and have only 10% the impact of the average Westerner; do 4-5 of them all the time, or all of them some of the time, and you will easily have only 50% the impact.

    It’s not very complicated, really.

  2. Kyle. I know that, we know that you wrote about your one tonne carbon lifestyle. It is a great article and I recommend it.

    I also knew you would write a comment with that. I could – and should – have bet on that as a matter of fact.

    Nonetheless, your argumentation can’t be the only one… Can I propose my own list ?

    Thanks again and enjoy your weekend.

  3. Of course. Just be aware that the longer the list the less anyone will do. You have to keep things simple.

    Perhaps I am biased because my teaching experiences have been in the Army and in commercial kitchens, where we must keep things simple. 🙂

    But the thing is that I have seen hundreds of lists of “top 25 ways to save the planet” or “top 10 ways to save fuel” and yet we still use so much. Those lists don’t stick in my head and I’m passionate about the stuff, why would it be remembered by those who are indifferent to it?

    Keep it simple 🙂

  4. Ha, okay, I thought your ” Pfft. ” was saying else.

    I understand that I got to keep things simple. This is why this list will be by topics. January, the heating; February, the electricity…

    it will be simple steps first and as times goes, bigger changes.

    Enjoy your weekend Kiashu ! 🙂

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