Worth an article: my October 2008 tweets

Since I don’t have that much time to blog, I restrain myself to around 25 articles per month. However, more news are worth reading and blogging about.

My goal being to provide you with the latest headlines and best researches on sustainable development and related topics, I had to find a solution.

It came with my use of Twitter. Indeed, each time I find a news worth reading I tweet about it. Here are my best tweets this month.

Sustainable development

  • Grenelle law voted. A real plebiscite with only 4 voices against. Heading toward a green revolution ? http://is.gd/4ul7
  • on TreeHugger: this week in Huff Post, don’t give up now. Perfect reading after my article on the Global Green New Deal. http://is.gd/51DH
  • After the locavores, the locasexuals. To the HuffPost long-distance relationships are bad for the planet : http://is.gd/4LQl

Climate change

  • To the Daily Green, China’s greenhouse gas emissions could double http://is.gd/4Dsb Is it worth an article on Elrst.com?


  • Tonight is Halloween. Beware of Vampire Power ! See article on TreeHugger: http://tinyurl.com/5ls7ww (or how to save big money easily)
  • on the Financial Times: World will struggle to meet oil demand. http://is.gd/53PV Got to check the IEA report. Will keep you posted on that.
  • Still on TreeHugger : 12,100 Megawatts of Geothermal Power by 2025 in the US. http://is.gd/4Egh
  • on CleanTechnica : Australian scientists create world’s most efficient solar cells. http://is.gd/4S9X
  • TreeHugger : 30-fold increase in solar power possible by 2016. http://is.gd/4cw0 Now that’s something huge !


  • Global financial crisis could increase unemployment by 20 million. http://is.gd/4rti Fantastic news :'(

I hope you liked this as I plan to do this every month to complement my blogging.

Please note that each article published on this blog are announced and linked on my Twitter. So if you are already using Twitter and like this blog, don’t hesitate to follow me !

I look forward to reading from your comments on this idea or the news mentioned there. Monday, I will propose you an article on China. So for this and much more, stay tuned !

3 thoughts on “Worth an article: my October 2008 tweets”

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  2. Many thanks Daryl. Glad you liked it. 😀

    My blog being all about interesting news, I have to bring the maximum of them… 🙂

    And since I am quite occupied I had to find a way to share the stuff I find with my reading of many RSS feeds. This is the best solution I found yet.

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