The Grenelle is still alive : some bright ideas

The cornerstone of the environmental policy in France – the Grenelle de l’Environnement – has been facing wide criticism as it is not going as fast as it should be.

Yet, interesting ideas arose in the last weeks on reducing the light pollution at night and providing financial aid to those willing to insulate their housing.

The French daily le Figaro provide us more data on what could become enacted laws that would cut our emissions and energy consumption.

On decreasing the energy consumption of housings :

Jean-Louis Borloo, the State Minister of energy, environment and sustainable development proposed a loan of up to 30,000 € without interest. (edit : that’s 41,500 USD)

With such an amount of money, I have no doubt that most households would be able to insulate most of their roofs and walls, if not the totality. Payback would be achieved by the reduction of the energy consumption.

Many other ideas have been proposed, to learn out more on this, please check out the original article [Fr].

Other idea proposed, reducing the light pollution and thus the energy consumption. This could be achieved if the law was enacted in October 6th.

This text would enable local communities to prevent, decrease or suppress excessive lights. For more, please read this article [Fr].

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