Improved design and RSS

For the past two evenings I have been working on improving the design and RSS syndication of this blog. It was done with the invaluable help of Max from the Blog Tool Box.

Many things were done to improve your browsing experience of this website. This includes making it easier for you to subscribe to this blog and sharing its content.

I hope you will like these changes and I am definitively looking forward to reading your feedback. (And many many thanks to Max !)

Here is the complete change log :

  • Subscribing is now easier for you and is now possible solely by Feedburner.If you subscribed with the old RSS feed ( ), I strongly recommend you to subscribe via Feedburner right there. This way you will be able to share the articles you enjoyed in a much easier way ;
  • The homepage has been redesigned and it now displays only five articles. The date, tags and commenting line was changed and is now located below each article ;
  • Titles’ size have been increased a bit ;
  • The sharing links aren’t anymore located on the home page but only at the bottom of each article ;
  • At the end of each article, the subscription and sharing section have been importantly improved and revamped ;
  • The comments section have been improved and gravatars are now displayed in bigger size ;
  • The footer’s design has been improved…


  • You now can subscribe by e-mail to the comments.
  • The bug on the logo is now normally fixed. Thanks to Timothy for pointing it out !
  • At the bottom of each article you now can also subscribe to this website by e-mail. This won’t send you any SPAM, just my latest articles. As it is a service provided by Feedburner I won’t have access to your e-mail address either.

Hope you like how the site looks now. I am looking forward to reading your comments. Meanwhile enjoy your weekend and see you on Monday for the last article of my series on rising sea levels !

3 thoughts on “Improved design and RSS”

  1. Welcome Timothy… Glad to know that I am read by the editor of Best Green Blogs. This occurs as I want to propose my blog to your website.

    Could you please tell me why the logo isn’t good ? Which browser do you use ?

    Many thanks in advance. Hope you will like this blog ! 😉

    oh, by the way : how did you discover my blog ?

    edit : the problem must have been fixed.

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