The new version of Blog do Planeta

A short news to inform you that Blog do Planeta has changed both its address and design. The information they provide is really worth reading, provided you have a sufficient level of Portuguese.

They are covering a very wide variety of topics in an environmental point of view and it is always a pleasure to (try to) read them. So best of luck to Alexandre and his team of charming ladies.

I also would like you to welcome Green with a gun to my favorite readings in the sidebar. It is another great website with most interesting posts…

2 thoughts on “The new version of Blog do Planeta”

  1. Edouard,

    So glad you are making room for Kyle in your blogroll. Our Aussie friend is just a mine of info and great thinking on all green matters. If I may, I invite to also consider including Nadine at She is another gem, although in another realm altogether.

    Also, left comment on your earlier post on biodiversity, linking back to post I wrote yesterday on the topic. I am just dumbfounded by the extent of the problem. We bloggers need to do a better job at circulating the information:

  2. Oh, Marguerite, am I glad to read you here. This is so seldom seen. Many thanks for your comment.

    I added Kyle as he does a really great job on his blog, he has been commenting here for a moment, he added this site to his sidebar….

    On Nadine, I have to admit I really love her blog and her writing skills make me quite jealous. But I am not sure it would fit in the mold. (ie. this blog is more research oriented… and I just put a few links on my blogroll.) but it may change fast.

    The problem of biodiversity is indeed really large. And as we noted on your article, it will be a difficult problem to solve. But I am quite confident we can solve it.

    Thanks again for your comment. Enjoy your weekend ! 🙂

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