Toutes mes félicitations !

All my warmest congratulations on my sister Caroline as she became today a Doctor in Pharmacy. This is a great event for our family and we are all very proud of her.

This is reinforced as the jury awarded her this PhD with the highest honors possible, very good. Her thesis defense was very interesting and very well presented.

I understood most of it, and this even if I am not of the trade thanks to her ability to explain technical data in an easy to understand way.

For nearly 20 minutes and without any notes she presented her researches in the greatest way possible, enabling her audience to be captivated by a subject that might not be the most thrilling one : toxic deaths.

The jury awarded her the degree with the highest honors as the subject was very original. It dealt with both medical and legal aspects, something very seldom seen in Pharmacy.

I am very proud to be her brother and wishes her a most successful career.

Bravo Caro !

8 thoughts on “Toutes mes félicitations !”

  1. Hum… Not 100% sure, but it is not a PhD (Philosophical Doctorate), it is a MD (Medical Doctorate). Nevertheless, the result is nearly the same and congratulations to your sister Edouard!

  2. Hello Rolyat !

    A PhD, to my humble knowledge is the equivalent of a Doctorat. As in spending an awful time on a subject…. yeah I am teasing you, I know, I shouldn’t. 🙂

    Edit : MD, would, if everything was logical, be specific for Medical Doctors. But we are really engaging in a pointless discussion as the most important is not the title, but the pride and joy I feel, and we all feel for Caroline’s excellent job and thesis defense !

    Many thanks for your congratulations. Hope Caroline will read this and see that people from many places are congratulating her.

    Hope too you are doing fine in Malaysia. Do you plan to come this summer to France ? Hope so, and hope we will be able to see each other.

    Meanwhile, take care and enjoy ! 🙂

  3. He He… Both titles exist in fact (and there are others). I agree in France we use Doctorat for anything longer than a DEA. But – just concerning the terminology hu, nothing to do with the considerable job done, someone who got a doctorate in medicine (or related), in English speaking countries would have the postfix MD, while the scientists (i.e. no health related) would have the Philosophical Doctorate and so the postfix PhD…
    While both of them are allowed to use the title Dr. 😉

    No holidays back to Europe before January 2009 at first sight, sorry.

  4. and the winner is: Pharm D.
    State diploma for the Doctorate of Pharmacy, Pharm D., is granted to pharmacists after they have completed a bibliographic thesis.
    Thanks to Wikipedia ….
    and congratulations to the “impétrante”

  5. Well, merci ‘pa for your once again astounding research. Rolyat and I were both wrong then. It suits me fine.

    > Rolyat : too bad you won’t come back this summer. Hope you will have a good time ! 🙂

  6. Arf… Thanks to the “‘pa” of Edouard 🙂

    Good time, I don’t know, you will have to ask my students since we have two intakes a year. They will arrive by the last week of July, until the last week of November.

    Thank you anyhow, and keep up the good job!

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