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You perhaps remember my enthusiastic post on the launch of the WE campaign, by the former US Vice President Al Gore and the Alliance for Climate Protection.

This time, a UK initiative that has the same goal (to enable us to decrease our daily CO2 emissions) is going global as it is being launched in the United States.

So far it enabled Britons to cut their emissions by no less than 530,000 tonnes in a single year. So I am confident huge results will be achieved in other countries.

What is really interesting with the Together campaign is the partnerships with large companies. In the United Kingdom, partaking companies include Coca-Cola, Mark & Spencer, Tesco, British Gas and many more.

It is thus pushing other companies to act, on top of the traditional target of these kind of things: people like you and I. This is really interesting.

Possibilities of action include : auditing and insulating one’s housing to decrease its heating bills and thus the carbon dioxide emissions (a real hit for me) ; changing light bulbs – the first step for many people toward a greener lifestyle – and many more.

The first anniversary video is really nice, so I propose it below.

You will recognize former UK Prime Minister Tony Blair, his successor, Mr. Gordon Brown, Claudia Schiffer ( it seems like being green like Gisele Bündchen is fashionable among top models ) but also the Mayor of London.

To conclude, I can but only wish a lot of success to Together in the United States. I am confident they will achieve many goals there.

As for the We campaign, be sure that I will give you news on the advancements of Together. So for this and for much more, stay tuned !

To learn out more, please refer to the official websites :

(Many thanks to Marguerite for writing first on this news. )

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