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Today, environmental issues are no more the concerns of just a few people, they are tackled by millions of people, from all social origins and countries.

Indeed, the famous Brazilian model Gisele Bündchen (left) has been for some time now concerned by such questions at a worldwide level but also in her home country, Brazil.

To better reflect this, she launched a blog – both in Portuguese and English – where she and other contributors write on environmental issues.

I would like to quote Gisele Bündchen’s latest post ( most fortunately for me also in English ) as it reflected my state of mind lately as I was gazing at the forest by my window :

Although we see a lot of bad things happening nowadays, I think it’s also important to highlight the good things.

In the rush of our everyday life, we are often unable to slow down and fail to see what is around us. We end up missing some very special moments that the nature presents us such as, for instance, watching the sun rise or set. These little events, strikingly vivid images, beautiful memories will stay in our hearts forever.

On a trip to Costa Rica I’ve had such special moments and would like to share them with you because I think it’s important that we stay still for a while to admire and cherish the treasures that the nature has to give us, and, more importantly, to never forget that we have to preserve it.

Now, you may asked me : “Edouard, are you going to report green gossip ?” My answer is clear : No, not at all. It is just that I read the information on Blog do Planeta and found it interesting.

Now, if you dear readers are interested in gossip and environmental issues, please check out where you will find all the stuff you need.

I hope you enjoyed this quite lighter article. Indeed, I needed a break from writing on bad news as it is important to keep our heart lights and go ahead with faith and hope.

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9 thoughts on “Gisele Bündchen’s environmental blog”

  1. I think it is the case as the website Ecorazzi mentions it. Now the question is ” is that only for advertisement purposes or is that a genuine interest in everything green ?”

    For Gisele Bündchen, to the data I have it seems to be genuine.

    Many thanks for your comment Laurent. Hope you will enjoy reading this blog ! 🙂

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  3. WIth such an article, you’ll see the traffic f your blog increasing in a huge proportion young friend !

    And do you have any idea why Di Caprio triggered a Prius Fashion in Hollywwod ? 😉

    To be green or not to be ! That is the 21st century question…
    To show that you are green or not to show that you are green ! That is the 21st century Star question…

  4. It seems you are right Sherlock… but I didn’t do it for the sake of increasing the traffic of this blog. I did it because :

    1. I find Gisele Bundchen gorgeous (like many guys around the world I reckon) ;

    2. I found that it was interesting to see such a famous and rich women (and gorgeous, did I mention it? ^^ ) get interested by the environment to the point of writing on these matters.

    To be green or not to be.. .I decided to be blue ! (Yeah, the Blue Marble, remember it 😛 )

  5. Hmmm… Sex really does work for getting people interested in the environment.

    *stares at background*

    Would there be more of these “nymphs” out there in the forest? 😉

  6. Agree with you on the slow part. As oil prices soar, people are getting slower and less far…

    I also loved the quote, this is another reason why I wrote the article…. 😛

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