Why this blog has been slowing down, and what’s next

Last weeks were particularly poor in new articles and this can be partly explained by the fact that I have been traveling around for my job research and other reasons.

Indeed I went twice to Paris for job interviews and twice to Besançon where I spent a day each time. Having no means (yet!) to write articles in the train, I couldn’t publish anything.

In the second part of the article, I outline my plans for the coming weeks and months regarding this blog, and I hope you will appreciate them.

Among the other reasons that might explain the slowing activity of this blog, is my questioning on the relative lack of success of this blog.

I don’t remember which writer said once that at first you write for you, then for your friends, and ultimately for the public. I am at the second stage and believes that I will progressively have a broader audience in the next months…

I also wrote less articles as I spent some time tweaking the layout of this blog. The sidebar changed a bit in order to make it easier for you to subscribe to this blog’s feeds by RSS or to add me to your Technorati favorites.

Other noticeable changes include the disappearance of the RSS feeds of my favorite blogs on environmentalism as I had bugs lately with them. However, the names and links remain so you can still have a grasp at them.

Please also note that I changed my contact form page and that I am now more satisfied of it. I also took the liberty to update my various resumes that you can download. They now better reflect my activities and so on.

However, I have many plans for 2008 for this blog.

First of all, there will be more cultural articles and I will write more in French. I also have an idea of a series of articles that will give you hints to decrease your ecological footprint in many ways.

So, more than ever, stay tuned and don’t hesitate to leave your opinion and write a comment as I would gladly read you !

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