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Reading some of my articles elsewhere is now possible as my good friend Sherlock kindly asked me to write on ecology and sustainable development for his blog. Sherlock is a photography enthusiast and his pictures are just mesmerizing. The latest version of his blog, Focus on Sherlock puts more emphasis […]

First article I wrote for Focus on Sherlock

Mois après mois, je continue d’écrire sur les grands projets et grandes nouvelles du front du développement durable et de la lutte contre le changement climatique. L’Agence Internationale de l’Energie a émis ce mois-ci son deuxième avertissement afin de pousser tous les pays à une plus grande efficacité énergétique. Il […]

Résumé du mois de novembre 2007

Another good news on the climate change front as over a billion trees have been planted according to the United Nations Environment Program (UNEP) since last year. Worldwide, people of all conditions planted trees in order to mitigate global warming. This is a strong message to the leaders of the […]

Over a BILLION trees planted in a year !


According to the French daily Le Figaro in its Monday edition, the construction of the first EPR reactor in France has begun and is going on well. The EPR technology provides several improvements to the current nuclear plants, including increased yield and security, decreased waste and radiations. This reactor will […]

EPR reactor is being built in France

Since the writing of my Master’s thesis, I am aware that huge savings of CO2 emissions could be achieved by insulating our homes and shifting toward energy-efficient appliances. This feeling is strongly reinforced by the views of the Environmental Change Institute (ECI) which is part of the renowned Oxford University […]

The low-carbon revolution starts at home

According to the European Environment Agency, the fifteen first members of the EU “can meet, and may even over-shoot, (their) 2012 Kyoto target to reduce greenhouse gas emissions to 8 % below 1990 levels”. This is an excellent news as according to the report, the cut of emissions could reach […]

EU can meet and go beyond its Kyoto targets