Learn on environment by playing Jiffy’s Eco-Quiz

Everybody loves super heroes and personally I am quite partial to Wolverine. (indeed, what is cooler than a nearly invincible mutant ?)

Now here comes Jiffy, a super hero created by the European Union in order to raise awareness on energy, water, earth and air issues.

People via the Jiffy’s Eco-Quiz can test their knowledge on these subjects and learn quite a lot on energy or water and how to save these resources. A very interesting game available in many languages.

The game gives a lot of facts and figures and is thus interesting. You will be able to see that small gestures multiplied by the millions of Europeans could make impressive savings and gigantic changes on pollution.

This quiz will also gives many ideas on how you can save money and live in a more sustainable way.

According to the web page of the EU :

The aim of this site is to help European citizens find out what they can do, on a day-to-day basis, to help improve the state of our planet.

Did you know that half of the greenhouse gas emissions in the world result from heating homes and using private transport? Today’s environmental problems are therefore not just caused by commerce, industry and farming – the way we behave in our daily lives has a role to play in changing our environment.

It is therefore important to understand how we can help improve the state of our planet by the decisions we make in our daily lives.

From this site, developed by the European Commission, you can:

Test your knowledge, and get practical advice on how to improve the environmental impact of your day-to-day actions, by entering Jiffy’s world and doing “Jiffy’s Eco-Quiz”!

Check your facts – Change your ways

Play the game in English | Jouez au jeu en Français

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