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Yesterday I added to the sidebar a few links that will allow you to find some reliable information on most energy sources. I propose here some of my bookmarks which give me an overview of the global energy market, renewable energies and nuclear power. In this article I give some […]

Some bookmarks on energy


Le journal Les Echos a publié la semaine dernière un article alarmant à propos des abeilles. Un phénomène d’importance du fait que ces insectes sont à la base de la pollinisation de 80 % des plantes dont nous avons besoin pour notre alimentation quotidienne. Il est ainsi vital de se […]

Les abeilles en grand danger

Some time ago, I added to the sidebar the RSS feeds of the Business of green blog, from the IHT. It recently asked a question, what should the aviation industry do in order to limit its greenhouse gases emissions ? A question of importance, as air transportation is increasing in […]

Air transportation and climate change

Everybody loves super heroes and personally I am quite partial to Wolverine. (indeed, what is cooler than a nearly invincible mutant ?) Now here comes Jiffy, a super hero created by the European Union in order to raise awareness on energy, water, earth and air issues. People via the Jiffy’s […]

Learn on environment by playing Jiffy’s Eco-Quiz


The book I review today is an excellent one on history, geography and sustainable development. Dr. Jared Diamond’s idea when writing it was to compile facts and figures about societies’ collapses and failures. This is done in order to allow us not to repeat the same mistakes done by the […]

Collapse, how societies choose to fail or succeed

The Astronomy Picture of the Day by the NASA is my daily meeting with the sky, its billions stars, galaxies and other nebulae. Most of the time, the images are just great. Today’s photo features the Tarantula Nebula and is really jaw-breaking. It was taken by the European Southern Observatory […]

Tentacles of the Tarantula Nebula

My Belgian friend Qat recently wrote on his blog an interesting article on the forthcoming generation of photovoltaïc captors. These new solar technology is due to have a yield of 40 percent, a huge improvement as the current ones have a yield of “only” 17 percent. This news was originally […]

Third generation of PV panels on the way

As I mentioned it there, the Chinese government is planting billion of trees. It seems that similar projects are under way in India and elsewhere. According to the United Nations Environment Program more than 10 million trees were planted on July 31st by 600,000 people in Uttar Pradesh. As deforestation […]

On July 31st, ten millions of trees were planted in ...

According to Ernst & Young, one of the largest auditing companies in the world, the global renewable energies market could be the subject of investments worth up to USD 750 billions by 2016 (559 billions Euros). In 2006, the global investments in these energy sources were of USD 100 billions. […]

Investments in renewables could hit $750bn by 2016

According to the Brazilian Environment Ministry, the deforestation of the Amazonian forest have slowed down by 25 percent in Brazil in 2006 from 2005. Mr. Luiz Inacio da Silva, the President of Brazil, stated that preserving the environment doesn’t need to slow the economic growth as the latest statistics showed. […]

The deforestation of Amazonian forest is slowing down

A partir de demain jeudi, les tarifs de l’électricité pour les ménages vont augmenter d’1,1 %. Ceci représentera moins d’un euro par ménage et par mois selon les ministères qui ont rendu public cette nouvelle. Les entreprises quant à elles verront leurs tarifs augmenter d’1,5 %. Cette très légère hausse […]

Comment réduire sa consommation d’électricité

India, the largest democracy in the world, is currently building six reactors and plans to build nearly twenty more by the year 2020. To do so, the country will rely on foreign technology and companies like the French Areva or the US Westinghouse are beginning negotiations to enter this huge […]

India to build more nuclear plants