100th post !

100.pngAfter a little bit more than six months of blogging, here is the hundredth article. This will be the occasion for me to show the evolution of this blog.

At first, I was using a totally different theme for this blog. But as it wasn’t really satisfying me, I switched to Praca Redux I still use nowadays.

I modified it quite heavily and I plan to bring other modifications with time, but basically, it will remain the one I use for some time.

In January, I thought I would be writing two articles per week, but now, I am more on an average of four articles. This allows my readers to learn out more about the two main problems of our time, climate change and the forthcoming energy scarcity.

Another evolution, the more widespread use of images. Now each articles will have a small image to illustrate the subject . This makes the blog less academic, and as friend told me, more user-friendly.

The introductions are not anymore limited to three or four lines, but to three small paragraphs in order to make you have a better idea of what the article is about.

I also write from time to time about my main current hobbies, astronomy and photography. I believe this gives more depth to this website and enable you to know a little bit about what I like to do during my spare time.

This blog was first created to support my job research. I think this is going forward and hope that it will succeed in the very next weeks. Getting the first job in France requires time, around a year, and I am now awaiting answers that hopefully will lead to something interesting.

I hope you enjoy the evolutions of this blog and await from your comments.

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