A poll on environmental concerns (final part)

As I previously tackled the polls on various English speaking countries, I would like to tackle today my home country and give a more global approach of this very interesting polls.

Here are some of the ten preoccupations for French people. Around 1,000 people were polled. As you will see, this gives interesting figures.

  • 92 percent think the Government should do more to increase the consumption of solar energy ;
  • 90 percent are concerned about environment’s future ;
  • 85.5 percent by ground and rivers pollution ;
  • 85 percent by droughts ;
  • 83 percent of people are concerned about climate change ;
  • 73 percent think the Government should ease the consumption of appliances that enable to save energy such as low consumption light bulbs, water saving appliances or insulation materials.

On a more global point of view, I quote below the page of Global Market Insite, GMI, that conducted the polls worldwide.

86.5 percent of people polled in 14 countries believe that Governments should do more to combat climate change. Eight out of 10 people think that incandescent light globes should be phased out globally, and 85.5 percent are worried about the impact that climate change will have on the world’s children.


 79.5 percent of people felt that Governments should make it easier for them to buy renewable electricity, and a further 90 percent felt that all electricity should contain a minimum 25 percent of power generated from renewable energy sources, such as wind and solar power.

62 percent of Chinese and 63 percent of Indians said it would be appropriate for developed countries to demand restrictions on carbon emissions from China, India and other emerging economies.

Germans and Britons both thought that the biggest threat to the world’s climate was the U.S. Government policy on climate change. 27 percent of Germans and 25.5 percent of Britons felt this way.

To conclude, one can note that people are overwhelmingly preoccupied by global warming and environmental issues; this is indeed very good news.

Now remains the question if all these people are ready to act daily in order to solve these issues. I believe they are now ready to act against climate change and global warming as they fully understand what is at stake.

 Each and every person can make a difference.

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