Third part of AR4 released

The International Panel on Climate Change ( IPCC ) released the third Summary for Policy-makers of their Fourth Assessment Report. It is available there. I haven’t read it yet but will do a article I will publish on Monday.

As I had done for the two first Summary for Policymakers in February and April, I will give you the most important conclusions of the IPCC as well as my comments.

Meanwhile, the French President Jacques Chirac called the international community to sign a new treaty before 2009 in order to divide by two the emissions of greenhouses gases by 2050.

Dividing by two would be a very good thing, but if I remember right, specialists urge to decrease global greenhouse gases emissions by a factor four by 2050.

Furthermore, according to the International Herald Tribune, my US favourite news sources, ” Experts and officials urge energy revolution “. According to this article :

The world’s established and emerging powers will need to divert substantially from their current main energy sources within a few decades to limit centuries of rising temperatures and seas driven by the buildup of heat-trapping emissions in the air, the top body studying climate change concluded Friday.

Sources : Le Figaro and IHT

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