New tab in the navigation bar

Perhaps you noted the appearance since last Sunday of a new tab in the navigation bar above. The part, between About and Data enables me to be a little bit more personal on this website, that is my homepage and blog.

For the moment you will be able to learn more about my readings and my computers. Perhaps there will be more in the future. But as it is quite personal and as the main goal of this blog is not to present me and my passions, I believe this part will remain as it is right now.

Of course, the pages on the readings will be updated as time goes and as I read my books. Some books have their own covers, so you can have an idea at what they look like when you search for them in your local bookshop.

In the meantime, the tab named Links disappeared as my favourite websites are located on the sidebar. I hope to include interesting links every month or so to enable you to read interesting things I personally enjoyed.

If you want, you can leave me a comment on this post to tell me if you find this new section interesting or not. I will welcome all ideas and advices as well.