After a week-long break…

After some vacation in the French countryside by my family, but without any Internet connection, I am back. I had no connection but still my good Toshiba laptop. The old fellow enabled me to prepare some articles I will release in the very next days.

The first article you will find today is about the second part of AR4 by the IPCC specialists.The conclusions brought by this part of the report are very dark and will hopefully lead to actions.

Tomorrow or Tuesday, I will release a personal reflection on how to fight climate change at a global level. We will see that everybody, including people like you and me, have to act now and this in an important way if we want to stand a chance on limiting the dramatic impacts global warming would have in our daily lives in the very next future.

Next will come the long awaited for articles on the APEC meeting with some data on the Australian position on climate change. Then I will drop some lines on the Moroccan interest for nuclear. I indeed have been delaying the latter for weeks.

Soon, I will also give you to read a text I wrote based on a paper by Science et Vie, the famous French scientific magazine. This will tackle the alteration of the seasons cycle by global warming in France. The results are very worrying, and this, in all aspects.

I also had time last week to prepare a new part for the website. This will enable you to get a small grasp of what I read, what I am currently reading and what I would like to read in the next months.

Finally, I will also launch a sub part dedicated to my computer hardware and other tools.

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