574.8 kph !

This is the speed achieved today by the French Train à Grande Vitesse (high speed train) hence breaking the previous world record of 515 kph dated from 1990. This world record is interesting as train is releasing much less greenhouse gases than planes.

train.jpgThis was achieved on the new line between Paris and Strasbourg that was inaugurated a few weeks ago. The sensation brought by this speed for a train can be compared to the ones felt in a plane is taking off. The world record held by the Maglev almost have been broken.

The world record for train is indeed Japanese with the Maglev. This kind of train uses electromagnetic force and hence do not need rails. The major disadvantages of this system are the noise and the cost.

Today’s world record for rail train is particularly interesting as it can help the French companies like Alstom to sell its know-how to countries like China. According to the IHT :

China plans to build more than 7,500 miles (12,050 kilometers) of high-speed railways in coming years at a cost of 2-2.5 trillion yuan ($250-$310 billion), the country’s state media reported last year.

Train unlike planes use electricity to operate and can be regarded as a sustainable way of travelling. The development of this transportation mean is indeed good news for ecology. It is hence estimated that a train emits 22 times less greenhouse gases than planes for the same distance.

Sources : IHT | Le Figaro
Photo Credit : François Nascimbeni for AFP

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