Working on a new layout, Part 2

After a week of work on the new design of this blog, I can say that most things I wanted to implement are already there. Off course, details like the navigation bar’s colours or the sidebar’s look itself need to be improved. There are still some minor bugs and corrections to bring, but to me the essential stuff is already here, hence I decided to go from the old version to this one directly.

My presentation is no more the first thing you see when you log on to my website. It now has a secondary position and is located on top of the sidebar. Instead, you can see the two latest posts in a glimpse. I also took the opportunity to implement a calendar that show you the current month and the articles I wrote in this period of time. I find it very convenient and easy to read and use.

Meanwhile, I implemented another tool to better know my readers, Xiti. This service does “Internet audience measurement and analysis since 1997” as they state on their website. I am very happy to use it as thanks to Xiti’s services, I learned more about you.

Here are a few elements I learned. Firstly, you generally use Mozilla Firefox as a browser. This is indeed good as I noticed this site has less layout problems on Firefox. As I use it everyday and am very satisfy with it, I kindly advise you to start using it. A link to download this freeware is available on the right hand side of this blog. You won’t be deceived by this browser.

In a second part, one of the issue I had with the new design was the larger width. Fortunately, all of you are able to see the full width as none of you use a screen with a resolution inferior to 1024*768.

To sum up the situation, the new theme is implemented. Bug corrections as well as other novelties will be will be brought with time. This blog has now its own e-mail address so you can contact me if you want. If you had any concerns or question, please feel free to live me a comment or send my a mail.

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