Brazil and the threat of climate change

It seems that more and more countries or regions of the world are becoming aware of the danger that climate change might be for them. In an article published on the International Herald Tribune (website | article) one can learn that new local scientific studies assessed the various outcomes that global warming might bring there.

Among the alarming results of the studies we can mention a rising of sea levels and the devastation of the Amazon Rainforest. According to these studies, if nothing was to be done, this green jewel of Planet Earth might become “an arid savanna by 2100“. Another element that could be brought by global warming is an increasing number of illnesses like malaria and yellow fever. It is what I call a very gloomy prospect for both Earth and Mankind.

The major part of the local emissions of greenhouse gases come from the deforestation of the Amazon and the wood burning. The local government is already fighting deforestation but these new elements might increase the importance and intensity of such a combat. One can also note on the same subjects that Brazilian energy comes from clean energies.

If one is willing to protect the Amazon rainforest and the flora and fauna it held, one should buy wood that received the Forest Stewardship Council label or others. These labels are ensuring the quality and the sustainability of the wood. Buying wood from tropical regions without any label on it has negative impact as it encourages deforestation. So when one is willing to use wood, give preference to local wood essences.

Brazil is often mentioned as a country that will have a very important role in the next years in terms of economy. This large country already has the ninth largest economy in terms of purchasing power (source : International Monetary Fund).

I would like to finish this article by stating that Brazil has been interesting me a lot in the past year. I hence had the opportunity to write an article on last year’s elections as well as an economic outlook. In that sense, I read a fascinating book that I strongly recommend you if you are interested by this large country. (Presses Universitaires de France | link to the book).

In the next days, we will see that another region of the world, the Asia Pacific one, is also considering seriously the threat that represents climate change.

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