Diesel advertising on climate change

Diesel, the famous Italian designer clothing company based its new advertising company on global warming, also referred as climate change. The official website gives an idea of the ads. One can see on these ads parrots in Venice, Italy ; a tropical flora in Paris or a beach at Mount Rushmore and so on…

The website also proposes ten advices to fight climate change. Some of them are funny, some are more serious. Among these advices one can find the usual “plant a tree” and the lesser usual “insulate your home with recycle denim”. A link to the Stop Global Warming website is there as well.

To me, this advertisement campaign is good news as it enables some people that are generally less informed to learn about the threat that climate change represents. And, if ads from a clothing company can help in solving the global warming and make more people aware of the problem, I say it is a good thing. Of course, Diesel makes these ads to sell their clothes, but it also contributes to change minds.

I would like to finish this article by quoting the Diesel company, as it is the perfect statement :

We are only a fashion company and do not think that – with just one campaign – we can save the world, but if our unconventional tone of voice and the reputation of our brand can grab and hold people’s attention a little longer than a news feature can, make them think twice about the consequence of all our actions and realize our individual responsibility, then something at least will have been accomplished.

Source : http://www.stopglobalwarming.org

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