After the fair…

Well, I wanted to put “mission accomplished” as a title as I indeed met professionals of the industry. I will write “mission accomplished” another day, when I’ll have found a job. I visited 50 companies and left out around 25 resumes. Most companies where I didn’t left a resume told me to have a look at their website.

I take the opportunity here to thank the various persons I saw at the fair and who gave me a little of their time so I could introduce myself and explain what I was looking for. I thank even more the people that took my resume and seemed to be interested by what I had to propose.

This day will remain as a source of hope as I met people who seemed interested by what I have done during my education and what I can do. It is indeed giving me energy to go on and gives me huge satisfaction as it looks like that I have been right to stick at looking a job in this industry. This is not evident as many people told me since October.

So thanks again to the persons I talked to. I hope I will hear from you soon. You can contact me via the various means you can find on the “contact” page.

Tomorrow, I am going to Besançon (an hour drive from my place) to see the people of the APEC. The APEC (or Agence pour l’emploi des cadres ; website) helps executives and executives-to-be to find a job. To do so, they provide advices and small workshops. So thanks to them.

On a different topic, this website has been down for a part of the day. I am truly sorry for the inconvenience. I have no idea why it happened. It only occurred once or twice with the past version of this website. So, I do hope I won’t have any more problem of this kind.

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