Data section to be launched

There are no news this week yet. The reason behind this is the launch of the website’s Data section. In this section, you will find soon basic information on sustainable development related topics. These topics include the various energy sources and their advantages and drawbacks. Other subjects like climate change, water or recycling will be included with time. I also plan to add a “ what to do ” section, so anybody can have new ideas to fight personally climate change and energy scarcity.

I know that some energy sources (mostly nuclear) are subject to discussion. I will give here the sheer facts so that anybody can judge. However, I draw my personal conclusion as it is my website.

The goal of this part is to inform a maximum with the most simple data possible. The very survival of Mankind is at grasp when we are talking about climate change and energy scarcity. This is why the data to make up a mind needs to be understood by most people. However, the goal of this part is not to oversimplify.

Most of the texts you will find there are improvements of the previous version plus some excerpts from papers I wrote during the past months.

In the very next days, you will find an article on Canadian oil as it is a hot topic on the Internet.

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