Using wind energy for cargo shipping

This is the great – and yet very simple – idea developed by a German company, SkySails. The container ship pictured on the left uses one of the oldest inventions: a simple kite.

According to SkySails, this enables to decrease by 10 to 35 percent the energy consumption of these boats, which are largely used for freight transport worldwide.

As oil prices are at high levels, this simple technology might save millions of barrels per year, and thus decrease a bit greenhouse gases emissions.

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Mexico invests three billion USD in wind energy

mexico.jpgThe Mexican government plans to invest up to three billion US Dollars (2.18 billion €) in the next three years in wind power. This will be done in order to generate up to 2,000 megawatts (MW).

The Ministry of Energy will team up with local companies to implement wind turbines throughout the country.

Seven companies engaged themselves to produce 1492 MW by 2010. This is an excellent news and I will give more information about it here.

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