How companies can tap into energy efficiency’s vast potential

For the third part of this series on utilities, and after tackling solar and power purchasing agreements (PPAs), I am going to delve into how companies save energy through efficiency.

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How US companies are going solar massively

This week I am starting a ten-month series based on articles I wrote for my Operations classes for my MBA at Presidio Graduate School. Hope you will like this series !

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Another dream job : the Chief Utility Officer

It is no secret, as I am celebrating my first year in the United States, I am very happy with my new life : Great MBA allowing me to learn a lot, meet many fantastic people, and reaching one of my lifelong goals and callings, having an impact on climate change.

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President Obama unveils ambitious climate plan

Earlier this month President Obama has announced his country’s strongest move to date on climate change. As IFLScience and many other reported : ” The finalized Clean Power Plan aims to cut carbon emissions from power plants by 32% from 2005 levels by 2030. “

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Smart utilities are offering LED light bulbs

Here is something intelligent : utilities offering LED bulbs to decrease your energy consumption. As an example of this I received this month a FREE super efficient bulb. Thanks Seattle City Light for making my household and thousands of others more efficient ! 

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Tesla unveils its Powerwall, a revolution in the making

If you consume as little as electricity as you can and have solar panels installed, you are just one step away from being independant from coal and gas fueled utilities. This step might come sooner than expected thanks to Tesla.

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Solar and wind are soaring in Australia

The energy transition is taking place in Australia. According to the local website, Renew Economy, that’s pretty much a certainty as no less than 4.4 billion US Dollars – 3.17 billion euros – were spent there in cleantech in 2013. The vast majority of these huge sums – around 2.8 billion USD – were invested in solar … Read more

Brazilian wind energy is really cheap

Brazilian flagSo cheap that it is disrupting the Brazilian energy market as Cleantechnica reported : ” Wind farms have won 55% of contracts awarded by Brazil’s national energy agency (…) and wind power now costs about 4.5 cents/kWh in the country. “

This is really really cheap as generally wholesale prices in Europe are three to five times higher. Cleantechnica has a very nice article on how renewables are becoming cheaper and cheaper as the prices of fossil fuels increase.

Grid parity – ie. renewables as cheap or cheaper than coal or gas – is slowly but surely arriving all around the world as I wrote in the past few weeks here.

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Coal consumption increases in Germany

The toll from coalWhen Germany announced after the Fukushima disaster that it was willing to stop all its nuclear reactors, I published a piece on Cleantechies on how this was premature and dangerous for climate.

I guess I was quite right as this week the same Cleantechies published an article stating that coal consumption of the first European economy had increased by almost five percent in 2011.

The country’s main utilities have also built coal-fired plants. This takes place in 2012 in a country where the Greens are supposedly strong.

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A major Asian utility to decrease its CO2 emissions

According to the IHT, one of the major electricity producers in Asia – The CLP Group – committed itself to decreasing its carbon dioxide emissions by up to 75 percent by 2050.

The company will use each and every necessary means to do so : renewable energies, carbon capture and storage, clean coal technologies and yes, nuclear.

This occurs during the Bali talks and it is another strong signal. People and companies alike are willing to decrease CO2 emissions, we now need governments to act too !

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