Renewables are surging much faster than thought

wind and solar powerA close observer of renewable energy markets I am amazed at how fast they are growing around the world. Many countries are banking on them to get out of the current triple crisis.

Even if the efforts being done are lacking the necessary scale, results are very encouraging. Portugal is getting 70 percent of its electricity from hydro and wind, Spain over a half of electricity came from clean sources as well.

In Germany, solar can provide up to 22 GW, or 44 % of the total demand. In Australia, one in eleven houses have solar panels installed.

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Hope for climate in Davos’ World Economic Forum

world economic forumLast week in Davos, Switzerland, took place the annual World Economic Forum. As the financial crisis of 2008 is drawing to an end, climate change is emerging as a key crisis that has to be addressed as soon as possible. To Reuters :

” Christine Lagarde, managing director of the International Monetary Fund, summed it up for any Davos doubters: “Unless we take action on climate change, future generations will be roasted, toasted, fried and grilled.”

Now this is some serious talk and I am puzzled that this didn’t end up making headlines on both climate specialized blogs or general news.

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The triple crisis, an update of the situation

Here is my first Cleantechies post of 2013. It is about how 2012 was interesting in terms of global effort on climate change. I believe it is a good complement to the post I published last Wednesday. Here is the introduction : ” As a close observer of the energy and climate global scene since … Read more

Annie Leonard’s Story of Change

Do you remember The story of stuff and the various episodes that has been released since ? If not, you should watch them before going any further. Indeed, Annie Leonard has released a new episode of her series and it rocks.

Many people believe we’ll get out of our current predicament by shopping differently (more efficient light bulbs, greener products, etc). It is not the case as the short video afterwards shows.

If we want to get out of the triple crisis, we’ll have to get together and ACT. Shopping won’t solve anything. Demanding action from our governments will.

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Cleantech is the next great investment opportunity

Even today too many people are still believing that cleantech isn’t making financial sense. Some others think that we the current crisis, we can’t spend money on futilities. Here is a post that could make them change their minds. The Green Market Blog collected forecasts and the prospects are enthusing as “ the global market … Read more

EU countries could pay back their debts With renewables

” What if the European Union solved the triple crisis – economy, energy, environment – by solving the financial one ? Alice Stollmeyer sent me last week a link of project to do just that. “ ” Some European nations – Greece, Spain, Ireland, Portugal – are owing more and more money to the European … Read more

Global collapse could occur by 2030

It seems the great Albert Einstein was right all along when he stated that “We shall require a substantially new manner of thinking if mankind is to survive.” Indeed, according to Care2 :

In 1972, MIT researchers published “Limits to Growth.” In it, they used models to analyze economic data, and predicted that if civilization continued on its path toward increasing consumption, the global economy would collapse by 2030.

Forty years later, instead of seeming unlikely, the prophesies of this controversial study appear to be coming true, right on schedule.

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Rio 20+ could be a huge disappointment

The Guardian published last week a lenghty article on how the Rio 20+ conference – which will take place in June – might be a huge disappointment as little has been done since and even less might be done. Due to last only three days when the original event lasted two full weeks, there shouldn’t … Read more

We should all partake in the Green Economy

This post was submitted for the UNEP World Environment Day blogging competition sponsored by the United Nations Environment Program  and TreeHugger. Please Like it on Facebook or tweet using the #WED2012 hashtag.

I have been convinced for years now that the only solution to our current global triple crisis – massive unemployment, climate change, peak oil – is the Green Economy. The UNEP and many NGOs have reinforced this strong belief.

Cleantech is already a reality as $260 billion were invested last year alone, and it is only the beginning as the UN declared this year will be the International Year of Sustainable Energy for All.

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ACEE study on the huge benefits of efficiency

Here are some more interesting findings on how we could consume much less energy. To the American Council for an Energy-Efficient Economy (ACEEE), the United States could consume 60 percent less energy by 2050. The advocated measures would also create two million jobs and save $400 billion (315 billion euros) per year, or the equivalent … Read more

The triple crisis, two years on

One of my very first post in 2010 was about what I was calling the triple crisis. As I noted back then ” our economies are crumbling, our climate is warming and our energy supplies are getting scarcer. “ You would think that after two years, we would have started to do something about them. … Read more

Two great news from Europe on climate change

Here are two good news. First : this seems too good to be true as such a fact would sure lead to a bigger role of climate change in politics all around the 27 nations of the .

According to an article from the Guardian : ” Europeans believe that dangers of climate change represent a more serious problem than the current financial turmoil, according to a new poll.

But wait, there is more. To the latest figures from the European Commission, the Union decreased its emissions by 15.5 percent since 1990. And we keep clinging to 20 percent cuts…

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