Those are tough times for fossil fuels companies

As odd as it might seem, oil prices at $60 are not making it any easier for Big Oil and the likes. The Financial Times published two articles on how coal, oil and gas are through tought times. Let us review them here.

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Seven reasons against fracking

Reading about energy and environmental issues most if not every single day, I stumble upon many articles on hydraulic fracturing (fracking) and their staggering negative effects.

For today’s article I would like to propose you a summary of all the reasons I have found to be against this dirty energy source. I have counted as many as seven but I guess there are more.

In today’s post I will review in depth these reasons, so that next time you have the arguments to counter the people believing this is a solution your country or the world should consider.

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14 carbon bombs to defuse before 2020

Greenpeace point of no returnGreenpeace has released an interesting report on fourteen projects that could increase greenhouse gases emissions by 20 percent by 2020. This would lead to an increase of temperatures by five or six degrees Celcius.

The largest threats are China and Australia as they plan to increase their coal productions. This is particularly ironic as Climate Progress report that these two countries are particularly hit hard by climate change and air pollution.

I hope we will be able to defuse all of these 14 bombs before they blow us all up. In today’s article we will have a look at them and how we can defuse them.

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President Obama rejects Keystone XL pipeline

If you aren’t familiar with US environmental politics, you might not have heard about Big Oil’s latest craze : building a 1.700 mile (2,736 km) long pipeline to bring tar sands oil extracted from Canada to the US Gulf coast. After many twists and turns, President Barack Obama – the green Prez that should have … Read more

Extreme oil anyone ?

new-scientist-extreme-oilWhile some magazines print sensationalist articles, some other prefer to carry out real research with real facts and figures. New Scientist indeed published an interesting article on what they call extreme – or unconventional – oil.

Understanding that peak oil is either near or already arrived we can either burn as much unconventional oil as we need or use it wisely to smooth the transition to the post-oil society.

The editorial is a little gem that will allow you to better understand the full article written by David Strahan, the author of The Last Oil Shock.

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