Solutions to save corals

As the United Nations are gathering in Manado, Indonesia for the World Oceans Conference many websites published articles on corals, an important part of the oceans which are today at risk as oceans are warming inexorably. Indeed, warmer waters are due to destroy coral reefs and their rich ecosystems. To the WWF up to 100… Continue reading Solutions to save corals

Rain forests suffer from climate change

Rain forests around the world already suffer largely from deforestation. Now, another large threat is appearing as climate change leads to less water and thus less trees. Both the Indonesian and the Amazonian rain forests are at threat. This phenomenon will lead to even more climate change. This article will show how critical sound forests… Continue reading Rain forests suffer from climate change

Are biofuels a solution or a (huge) problem ?

I have been willing to write an article on biofuels for now more than a year, and the so-called panacea they represent to some people. Today the famous company NestlĂ© provided me a great occasion to do so as according to its CEO, biofuels are planting the seeds of famine. This is quite shocking as… Continue reading Are biofuels a solution or a (huge) problem ?