Could we reforest the Sahara desert ?

Is this the key to afforestation projects in arid or desert areas ? As hundreds of billion of trees have to be planted over the next decades to avert climate change, the question is of tremendous importance. As Cleantechnica reports, the Gulf state of Qatar is experimenting an interesting project – the Sahara Forest Project … Read more

Is organic food really better ?

One of my latest stride toward sustainability has been eating organic fruits. Indeed, after slashing my energy and water use and traveling as much as I could by train, I guess it was the natural next step.

So when Grist publishes an article on how organic food is ” not really better for you or the planet ” I am really wondering : Am I doing something bad ? Scientific American – which published the original article – brings us data.

This question is interesting, as organic food and beverages made $26.7 billion last year alone in the United States.

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A glimpse at the farms of the future

I am fortunate to have half of my family living in the countryside with family members working as farmers. I believe this enabled me to discover the marvels of Nature at a young age.

While working one sunny afternoon in April  I was reflecting with one of my uncles that the cow manure collected daily at their farm would be an excellent energy source in a world where oil prices would have skyrocketed.

It seems the idea is not that far-fetched as the New York Times published an article going in that direction. Indeed why buy foreign natural gas when we have ample reserves just next door ?

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