Al Gore’s Climate Reality Project is a success

I recently wrote about Al Gore’s new project, The Climate Reality Project. It took place on September 14th and gathered more than 8.6 million people all over the world. Oddly enough, little to nothing was said or heard about in France.

The one-hour presentation by Al Gore reminded me of An Inconvenient Truth. I would even call it the 2.0 version of this great movie. For this, I am urging you to watch the presentation below. (Watch the two first minutes then go to the 7th minute)

More events will take place in the future. Meanwhile, Maggie L. Fox, President & CEO of  the Climate Reality Project provides us with ways to act.

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Temperatures are going up and up…

I believe it is getting harder and harder for deniers to keep pretending climate change is a hoax (or a conspiracy…). Here are three articles that got my attention last week : First, Arctic Sea ice melt on track to set new record low in 2011. The second was about the heat wave scorching the … Read more

Claude Allegre, the French climate imposter

In France, climate change deniers are few. As a matter of fact, I can think about only one name : Claude Allègre, a former scientist who now is a politician.  His latest book – L’imposture climatique – is a model for climate deniers.

Real Climate proposes a compelling article on the many mistakes written there. As they noted : ” It is practically impossible to give a complete overview of what is wrong with the Allègre’s book.”

I propose in today’s post a selection of quotes from Real Climate’s post with the most interesting and straightforward facts.

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Are we heading toward global cooling ?

With the wave of cold weather in the Northern Hemisphere (America, Europe, Asia) of the previous weeks, some skeptical people believe Earth is heading toward a global cooling or more simply that there is no global warming.

Don’t rejoice to fast. As I noted previously weather forecasts and climate are totally different. See why here. There is indeed a warming trend as the last decade was the warmest ever recorded.

Even if climate was due to get colder or remained stable we would still need to start becoming energy efficient and using more sustainable solutions. 

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My answer to climate change deniers

no-evil-deniersYesterday  I had my first visit and comment from a climate change denier. This means that this blog is becoming bigger. I am also happy as this leads to exchanging ideas.

I left a quite lengthy reply but think this deserves to be much bigger. You will find in today’s article what I will now answer to each climate change denier leaving a comment on this blog.

If you don’t believe in climate change here are some facts that will enable you to perhaps change your mind. If you do, this still might interest you.

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