Cow manure could help power the internet

One of my previous posts was useful as an answer to a discussion on CleanTechies, so I decided to repost it there :  ” It has been previously stated here in an article by Crisp Green that generating energy from poop is unlikely. “ ” I disagree. It seems that the idea is not too … Read more

A glimpse at the farms of the future

I am fortunate to have half of my family living in the countryside with family members working as farmers. I believe this enabled me to discover the marvels of Nature at a young age.

While working one sunny afternoon in April  I was reflecting with one of my uncles that the cow manure collected daily at their farm would be an excellent energy source in a world where oil prices would have skyrocketed.

It seems the idea is not that far-fetched as the New York Times published an article going in that direction. Indeed why buy foreign natural gas when we have ample reserves just next door ?

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Limiting the methane emissions of cows

You perhaps remember the article on backpacks for cows’ farts I published this summer. It seems there is another way to limit methane emissions produced by bovines.

Collecting their manure – and thus the methane – could decrease global warming and provide energy as this greenhouse gas is quite similar to natural gas.

This seems to be a very good solution even if it would concern firstly large dairy farms where the amount of gas is enough to pay the installation.

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An inventive solution to the methane emissions of cows ?

You see strange things while browsing the Internet in search of news for this blog. Both Blog do Planeta and Ecogeek mentioned something that may have catch your eyes on the picture left.

According to both sources, Argentinian scientists are looking for solutions to decrease greenhouse gases of cows as they produce up to 30 percent of the country’s total.

Storing the methane produced by cows on their own backs seem to be one solution. I just hope it doesn’t hurt the cows.

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