Cancun meeting ends with mixed results

This weekend ended the 16th conference of parties (COP16) due to prepare the future of the Kyoto Protocol. Albeit it didn’t end as badly as the Copenhagen meeting did, we are still pretty far from solving the climate / energy equation.

In today’s post I propose you a selection of the most interesting articles related to this event that lasted no less than two weeks and brought forward some progress, notably on forests with REDD+. (cf. my previous post on the matter).

This was a critical success but the road to solving the coming triple crisis (peaking fossil fuel resources, massive unemployment and climate change) is still long.

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Europe goes forward on energy

I found during the past few weeks news showing that Europe is investing more and more in solving the climate / energy equation by using various solutions : energy efficiency, smart grids and renewable energies.

Here are some examples : Sweden pledged this week for the installation of 2,000 wind turbines by the year 2020 and the United Kingdom is working on efficiency in the building sector.

Additionally, several countries are due to invest 30 billions euros in smart grids to connect renewable energy sources from across the continent.

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More energy efficiency in the European Union

I have been an advocate of energy efficiency for years and believe it is the best solution to solve the energy and climate equation. So when the European Union plans to ban importing energy inefficient goods I can only applaud the initiative. This is done to enable the 27 countries and their 500 million inhabitants … Read more

G8 countries to cut oil consumption

Yesterday, the eight leading economies met in Japan, alongside with China, India and South Korea. One of the main topics of discussion was the soaring prices of oil and energy.

To counter this, they pledged to invest massively in energy efficiency and low carbon technologies such as renewable energies, nuclear and carbon capture and storage (CCS).

This is an important event as the eleven countries present at this meeting account for nearly two thirds of the world energy consumption and CO2 emissions.

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IEA urges for a technology revolution

The International Energy Agency released today an interesting report urging once again its members to work on technologies that might solve the energy-climate equation.

Stating that it is now or never, the experts believe that if nothing was done CO2 emissions would soar by 130 percent by mid century when in the opposite, they need to be halved.

To solve this equation would require to dedicate one percent of global GDP. The issue is complex, but the IEA provides both solutions and data.

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