EU to use 20 percent of renewables for energy by 2020

After the EU Council that concluded today in Brussels, the European Union, which will be 50 this month, is becoming the world leader in the fight against climate change.

According to Reuters, the President of the European Commission Mr. Jose Manuel Barroso said the agreement today represented “the most ambitious package ever agreed by any commission or any group of countries on energy security and climate protection”. (source)

The EU Council decided to push renewable energies forward. This will be done as the part of renewables in the energy generation of EU is due to go from 6 percent nowadays to 20 in 2020.

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EU Council meeting on energy and climate

The EU Council is meeting today and the major discussion subjects are energy and climate. This meeting is done under the German presidency. German people are generally against nuclear and want to stop their nuclear plants in the very coming years. The discussions today are a lot about the place nuclear energy should take in the future of the EU.

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Diesel advertising on climate change

Diesel, the famous Italian designer clothing company based its new advertising company on global warming, also referred as climate change. The official website gives an idea of the ads. One can see on these ads parrots in Venice, Italy ; a tropical flora in Paris or a beach at Mount Rushmore and so on…

The website also proposes ten advices to fight climate change. Some of them are funny, some are more serious. Among these advices one can find the usual “plant a tree” and the lesser usual “insulate your home with recycle denim”. A link to the Stop Global Warming website is there as well.

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International Polar Year begins today

Today is the launch of the International Polar Year (IPY ; official website). This will be the occasion for scientists all over the world to study more carefully the poles and their specificities. This event takes place every fifty years and the previous edition, in 1957-58, led to a better understanding of the poles and the establishment of several polar bases.

During the next twelve months, 209 projects will be launched in order to get new data on these regions. Among these projects, an ambitious one is led by a French former Medical Doctor who is now an explorer, Jean Louis Etienne. His mission will be to fly over the North pole to measure the thickness of the sea ice. This project will require to fly over 10.000 kilometres and will last one full year.

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More on the latest IPCC paper

In a previous post I was giving general information but not a lot of precise data. I take the opportunity here to give some more concerning carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gases. This summary reported a worsening in the climate change situation, and this for several reasons.

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Study of the latest “Summary for policymakers”

I had time during the week-end to have a look at the summary for policymakers that was published last Friday by the IPCC specialists.

This fourth report brings more precise data and reinforces the impression given by the third report that was published in 2001. During this time, climate specialists had time to study various new phenomena like heat waves (notably the one that Europe witnessed during summer 2003), floods and many others like the Katrina Hurricane in the USA.

Those observed phenomena saw an increase in their magnitude and frequency. There are more and more extreme phenomena and they are more and more violent.

I will give below some quotes of this summary for policymakers that will give the best insight of the problem at grasp. All quotes come directly from the Summary for policymakers published last Friday.

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IPCC published their 4th Summary for Policymakers

Published today on the IPCC website : “Late last night, Working Group I of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) adopted the Summary for Policymakers of the first volume of “Climate Change 2007”, also known as the Fourth Assessment Report (AR4). “Climate Change 2007: The Physical Science Basis”, assesses the current scientific knowledge of … Read more

US President becoming aware of energy scarcity

usa.jpgLast week on Wednesday evening, US President George W Bush tackled America’s addiction to oil during his seventh State of the Union address.

In order to decrease this addiction, he proposed to increase the mileage standards for both cars and light trucks.

This decision was taken in order to decrease by 20 percent in the next years the global oil consumption.

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IPCC meets this week in Paris

This week in Paris, the International Panel on Climate Change, the climate change experts working for the United Nations, will release the first part of their fourth report. The new evaluation report will normally show an acceleration in the climate change process as extreme phenomena have been witnessed from the United States to China, as … Read more

EU to take strong measures on climate change

eu-flag.gifSeen today on the Figaro website ( a leading French daily ) and on Reuters website.

The European Union Commission is meeting today and their topic is energy policy. Climate change is a major subject when it comes to energy and the EU commission clearly understand that.

As a matter of fact, they propose to decrease by 20 percent their emission by 2020 compared to the 1990 levels. They also proposed to cut these emissions by 30 percent if they were to be followed by other countries, including the United States.

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