European Union to overachieve its 2020 climate goals

Good news everyone : the European Union has already almost achieved its climate and energy goals for 2020 according to the latest data from the European Environmental Agency. Learn out more in my latest Cleantechies article.

Colombia enacts key law promoting renewables

If I am back on this blog, I am also back on Cleantechies with my 60th post there in five years. I am writing for the occasion about my beloved Colombia, which enacted a key law to promote renewables.

Portugal shows leadership in renewable energy

Cleantechies recently changed hands and got a new design. This makeover is the occasion for them to focus a bit more on contributors. I thus have a brand new author page. It looks great so go and check it out ! Now here is my latest article there, this time focusing on another success story … Read more

The European union already benefits from renewables

Here is another opinion piece I wrote for Cleantechies : ” There is a question that currently puzzles me : why is the European Union so unambitious on climate and energy goals ? “ ” We have seen recently that the European Commission unveiled plans to cut carbon emissions by 40 percent by 2020 and … Read more

Wind energy was top energy source in Spain in 2013

Many European nations have seen a boom in their renewable energy sources in the past few years. Among them is Spain. Here is the introduction to an article on that topic I wrote for Cleantechies : ” 2013 was an excellent year for wind energy in Spain as this renewable energy source became the first … Read more

European Union to cut emissions by 40% by 2030

Here is my latest article for Cleantechies, this time focusing on the quite disappointing move from the European Union to cut its emissions by 40 percent by 2030 ( compared to 1990 levels). Here is the introduction : ” The European Union has long been regarded as a leader on climate change. Now it appears to … Read more

Renewable energies increased slowly in 2013 in France

Here is my first 2014 article for Cleantechies, focusing on the slow growth of renewable energy in France. If wind power capacity is reaching 8,000 MW and solar PV is reaching 4,500 MW, progress has been slowing down considerably. Here is the introduction to the article : ” According to recent data from the French Ministry … Read more

France unveils new efforts to renovate buildings

It had been a long while since my last post on Cleantechies, as I didn’t post during summer. But I am back with a post on a topic close to my heart as my Master’s thesis was on it. The French residential sector could benefit immensely from energy efficiency efforts and it seems the current … Read more

Fossil fuels are abundant. So what ?

Last week on Cleantechies, an article caught my attention. Titled ” What if We Never Run Out of Oil? “. The article made me think and I have to say I got quite mad at it as it is promoting fossil fiels just because they they are abundant.

They might be, and they can be considered perhaps cheap if you don’t take into account the tremendous negative externalities on the environment, our climate and human health. (and a tiny lil’ thing like our civilization ).

This could be depressing given the urgency of acting on climate change. Luckily there are two major trends against coal, oil and natural gas.

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