Costa Rican electricity was 100 percent renewables for 113 days

Another world is possible. It is always a question of public willingness. The latest example of this is Costa Rica – 4.9 million inhabitants strong – which ran for almost four months on a hundred percent renewable electricity.

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Worth an article : My February 2014 tweets we go again : my selection of article-worthy tweets is here. Albeit I slightly increased my amount of articles published per week, I still haven’t enough time to write about all noteworthy news. Lucky for you all, Twitter is here.

In today’s article you will find – just as every month – a selection of the most interesting articles on climate, energy and sustainability related issues I have tweeted last month.

I believe this selection of news offers a good complement to this website. So if you are on Twitter and like this selection, please don’t hesitate to start following me.

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Nicaragua develops its renewable energy potential

A volcano in NicaraguaAccording to El Pais, Nicaragua and its six million inhabitants could get 90 % of its electricity from renewables by 2020. To date, the country is already getting 58 percent of its electricity from clean sources.

Enjoying huge amounts of sun and wind it could also benefit from large reserves of geothermal energy. Indeed, if the national grid has a capacity of about 1300 MW, its geothermal reserves are estimated to be of 1,500 MW.

These ample reserves can be explained by the many volcanoes and its important seismic activity.  To date, only ten percent of this energy has been developed in two plants : Polaris and Momotombo.

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