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Paris introduces EV-sharing program 0

Paris introduces EV-sharing program

To Ecogeek :  ” Paris has introduced plans for a city-wide EV car-sharing network that will operate much like its successful Velib bike-sharing system.  The car-sharing program will begin on December 5 with 250...

Fiat acquires 35% of Chrysler 0

Fiat acquires 35% of Chrysler

I was right when stating a month earlier that the Big Three could get a green bailout if they partnered with European car makers. It seems it was a good idea as Fiat just...

… and in China too ? 0

… and in China too ?

After last week’s article on the decreasing demand of SUV in the United States, my dad sent me an article mentioning a Chinese plan on taxing more large cars. Even if this is not...