LED lights save a lot of money, could save even much more

a LED light bulbAccording to a study carried out in the United States by the local Department of Energy (DOE), the 49 million LED light bulbs already installed helped save a massive $675 million (over 500 million euros) in a single year.

But wait, there is more as if all light bulbs in the United States were replaced by such bulbs, the potential savings could be the absolutely huge amount of $37 billion (27 billion euros) per year !

This would half the amount of energy consumed for lightning in the US. Now let’s imagine what this would lead in terms of decreased greenhouse gases emissions in the United States alone.

Let’s even imagine that the entire world switches to LED light bulbs : the money savings and the amount of closed coal fired plants would be staggering. People would save loads of money and breathe much better.

This is another illustion of how our current economies are inefficient and how they could become much more responsible. What could happen to lightning could happen to all sectors and activities of our economies.

It’s high time to embrace energy efficiency to save money, save our current climate and create jobs.

To conclude, I have to admit that until now I hadn’t installed a single LED bulb in my flat. This post reminds me of how urgent it is for me to test them out.

2 thoughts on “LED lights save a lot of money, could save even much more”

  1. LED is the future of lighting and most of the reason they cut down on energy is because they don’t produce heat, like other lights do. Seems like a waste, who uses a light to stay warm?

  2. Thanks Dominic for your comment.

    I totally agree with you. Additionally LED lights are safer for young children as you can’t burn yourself with them.

    Another advantage, it may even cut the consumption of air conditioning as the air would be a bit cooler… (not sure on that however…)

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