A 1.5°C temperature rise could be game over for our civilization

Oooops ! According to Cleantechies, a 1.5°C temperature rise ” could unleash more than 1,000 gigatons of carbon and methane currently trapped beneath Siberian permafrost and accelerate global climate change. “

1.5°C is considered as the low level of potential climate warming to date. This is even more worrying as such quantities of greenhouse gases would be game over for our global civilization.

It’s more than high time to act massively on climate change. Solutions do exist and even save both lives and huge amounts of money. What are we waiting for ?

2 thoughts on “A 1.5°C temperature rise could be game over for our civilization”

  1. Thanks for your comment ! 🙂

    The thing is that these news are even worse than they sounds for Russia as many infrastructures such as rail tracks are built on permafrost.

    Let’s face it : climate change isn’t good news for anybody on this planet.

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