Geoengineering : Seven extreme climate fixes

Given how the United States are burning, it is not extraordinary that National Geographic published in mid July on geoengineering, or if you prefer, solutions to alter directly our warming climate.

Among those solutions are pumping up plankton, artificial volcanoes, seaweed farms (something new), biochar, greening the desert (see this post), cloud making ships and white roofs.

As you can see, I already had covered most of these solutions except seaweed farms. I think this pretty covers everything, except that we need to cool back the poles…

I remember reading an article on that one but never found it back. It was in a Science & Vie issue… If you happen to have it, please let me know…

Of course, and as I noted previously, geoengineering should be done once we have done everything else to stop climate from warming.

This begins with using such tremendous amounts of fossil fuels and emitting dozens of billion tons of carbon dioxide, methane and other greenhouse gases.

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