Engineers discover self healing circuits

To Ecogeek : “ A team of engineers at the University of Illinois have figured out how to create self-healing circuits in electronics and batteries, a discovery that could lead to longer equipment life ”

” As electronics have become more complex, one small circuit failure can render a device useless, especially since it is hard or often impossible to diagnose where that failure occurred to fix it. “

As our smartphones and other computers seem to last less and less, this invention could sure help solving the issues revolving around e-waste. 

2 thoughts on “Engineers discover self healing circuits”

  1. Err a lot of the e-waste is more due to the people rather than to electronic failure, especially in the so-called “first world”: look how many people are changing their smartphone to the latest version? Indirectly, there is new “versions” every year… 🙁

  2. Oh Rolyat ! It had been a long while since you last commented !

    I agree with you, but as the world is plunging into the triple crisis, I believe people will have less and less to afford the last iPad / smarphone / laptop…

    I personally plan to keep my smartphone three years – it is already two years old – and my cameras and computers five years… so far, it is going as planned 🙂

    I look forward to reading you again and wish you a happy and sustainable 2012 ! 🙂

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