Cleantech : 2001-2010 and 2010-2020

Cleantechnica got another interesting article, this time on what the past ten years meant to cleantech and what the next ten years could bring. The occasion is given by Clean Edge’s market research.

” With growth rates like seen in the telephone industry (…) during comparable revolutions, clean energy options like solar and wind have been growing tremendously in recent years.

Indeed, renewable energies like solar and wind have huge potentials as we have seen previously. Today’s article is due to give us more figures…

As  Cleantechnica notes :

Cleantech, as you might have expected, is projected to continue growing fast. Below are projections for some of the top industries (from 2010 to 2020).

  • Biofuels: $56.4 billion to $112.8 billion.
  • Wind power: $60.5 billion to $122.9 billion
  • Solar PV: $71.2 billion to $113.6 billion.

clean energy growth 2010 to 2020

For more, please visit Clean Edge’s website. You will be able to download their market research for free.

1 thought on “Cleantech : 2001-2010 and 2010-2020”

  1. may i ask a question about the reverse of this optimistic premise..
    then how many billions are projected to be invested in the NOT so clean tech in same time frame?
    last i checked, the oil, coal and nuclear energy picture was getting ten times more funding and research potential as the lovely green tech..
    numbers are useful–to keep track of where money goes.
    to remain on track–the public can demand clean air act and water safety measures to be implemented and if necessary enforced.

    why is biofuel listed as clean if it causes aquifer/water bodies depletion and soil/water/air pollution from oil based fertilizers and herbicides, GMO’s sterilization plus food price hikes. and in US are funded with tax devouring subsidies and small farm bankruptcy.

    that is why i always favor the benefits of conservation/insulation.

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