3 US States to cut emissions by 25 % below 1990

Are the United States staying idle in the climate change fight ? At the federal level, it seems to be the case. But at the State level, the situation is different as more and more of them are moving forward.

Indeed, as CleanTechnica notes that ” Massachusetts joins California and New Mexico to cut GHGs 25% below 1990 by 2020. “ I already blogged about the situation in California in the past.

Three States in nearly three months ? Could this mean that the United States as a whole could pledge themselves toward slashing emissions quickly ? I have a dream this afternoon…

Many times have I noted here that efficiency alone could enable the United States of America to cut their energy dependence on foreign fossil fuels and local dirty coal. (As well as saving a lot of money, that is !)

Here is THE perfect example of post I wrote showing that it is possible :

23 measures to cut US emissions by 27% by 2020

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