Developing nations go massively in wind power

To CleanTechies developing nations will install more than 22,000 MW of wind power capacity in 2010. Of course, China is behind an important part of this, but countries like India, Mexico are also moving forward on clean energy.

“If policy ambition has stalled in the industrialized world, it has if anything accelerated this year in key emerging markets, wrote HSBC Global Research in a recent Cancun policy brief.

To Ceres, developing nations will indeed install more wind power capacity than developed ones, thus showing that cleantech isn’t an industry dedicated to wealthy nations.

Ceres also notes that we are still pretty much far from solving the climate crisis with cleantech :

Globally, clean energy investments this year will total about $200 billion, less than half the $500 billion a year that economists say is needed in the coming decades years to limit global temperatures increases to below 2-3 degrees.

As the article notes :

“This defies the traditional 20th century worldview whereby developing countries always follow in the wake of the developed.”

It seems that a new century means a new paradigm...

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  1. if such countries as India and Mexico can pull themselves above problems of overpopulation and dire poverty (twin causes of financial imbalance) then could overly developed nations find the moral impetus to devote more funds to clean energy production than to frivolous symbols of oligarchic success/or/monuments to failure.?

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