Twice the energy, half the emissions…

This is the title of the first article published on a new blog dedicated to energy issues launched Friday by the UK newspaper The Independent. Titled New Energy Future, it is already in my RSS aggregator and should be in yours too.

The blog begins with a great albeit short video introduction by David JC McKay (left), Professor of Physics at the University of Cambridge and author of Sustainable energy – without the hot air.

” Twice the energy, half the emissions “ sums up perfectly what we should be working on in the next four decades. The task seems daunting but we can do it.

How can we meet the exploding energy demand of billions of people while slashing greenhouse gases emissions is a tricky equation.

But the solutions aren’t new to anyone : massive energy conservation and efficiency campaigns, renewables and nuclear. (These were the very meanings I delved on as early as 2006 while I was preparing my Master’s thesis at the Audencia Nantes Management School)

Perhaps clean coal with technologies like carbon capture and storage may prove useful if they become viable both technically and financially.

Be sure that I will bring you a selection of the blog’s most interesting findings, so stay tuned. Meanwhile, read MacKay’s book if you haven’t already.

2 thoughts on “Twice the energy, half the emissions…”

  1. valuable links, glad you have time and knowledge base to sift the information for your readers.
    the economy may come to the aid of the saving money will be sure to be a factor in the choices of daily life.
    conservation, insulation, all practices may be enforced by governments and parents, institutions like schools also will be sure to get involved to restore balance in the bottom line.
    no great change has happened without some financial impetus< that's where the journey begins–again.
    scientists must share the responsibility to educate the public about the benefits of respecting sources and resources.

  2. Thanks a million Nadine for your comment. As alaways it is much appreciated.

    I agree with you, there is much to be done.

    I don’t think scientists can do anything more. The problems are known. It is just that we don’t care or don’t want to care.

    Our representatives should act but they are too busy…

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